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Dubai Fashion Week: Behind the Lens of a Fashion Photographer

Dubai Fashion Week is a premier event that brings together designers, models, industry professionals, and fashion enthusiasts from around the world. As a fashion photographer in Dubai, having the opportunity to capture the essence of this extravagant and glamorous event is both exhilarating and rewarding. In this article, we dive behind the lens and explore the unique experiences, challenges, and creative process of a fashion photographer during Dubai Fashion Week.

The Essence of Dubai Fashion Week

Dubai Fashion Week is a celebration of creativity, innovation, and style. It showcases the latest collections from renowned fashion designers, emerging talents, and local brands. The event attracts international attention and serves as a platform for the fashion industry in Dubai to flourish and make its mark on the global stage. As a fashion photographer, your role is crucial in capturing the energy, beauty, and artistry that define Dubai Fashion Week.

Preparing for Dubai Fashion Week

As a fashion photographer, preparation is key to success. Before Dubai Fashion Week, familiarize yourself with the schedule, designers, and runway shows. Research the trends, aesthetics, and themes that will be prominent during the event. Connect with designers, stylists, and models to discuss creative concepts, shot lists, and any specific requirements. Ensure that your photography gear is in optimal condition and that you have the necessary equipment and accessories to capture the fast-paced and dynamic nature of the runway.

Mastering Runway Photography

Photographing runway shows during Dubai Fashion Week requires precision, agility, and an understanding of the fashion industry. Here are some tips to excel in capturing stunning runway images:

1. Familiarize Yourself with the Runway:

Arrive early to familiarize yourself with the runway layout, lighting conditions, and any unique elements that will impact your photography. Position yourself strategically to capture different angles, movements, and the essence of the designs as the models walk the runway.

2. Capture the Essence of the Designs:

Focus on capturing the intricate details, textures, and craftsmanship of the designs as they are presented on the runway. Use a combination of wide-angle shots to showcase the overall look and close-up shots to highlight the unique elements of each garment.

3. Pay Attention to Lighting:

Understand the lighting setup of the runway and adapt your camera settings accordingly. Be mindful of any sudden changes in lighting during the show and make necessary adjustments to ensure optimal exposure and sharpness in your images.

4. Capture Expressive Moments:

Look for moments of expression and emotion on the models’ faces as they showcase the designs. These candid moments can add depth and storytelling to your images, capturing the mood and atmosphere of the fashion show.

5. Anticipate the Action:

Stay focused and anticipate the movements of the models as they walk the runway. Be prepared to capture dynamic poses, twirls, and interactions with props or accessories. This anticipation allows you to capture the decisive moments that truly bring the designs to life.

Backstage Access: Behind the Scenes

One of the most exciting aspects of being a fashion photographer during Dubai Fashion Week is the opportunity to gain backstage access. Backstage photography provides a unique perspective, capturing the hustle and bustle, the creativity, and the behind-the-scenes moments that make Dubai Fashion Week come to life. Here are some insights into capturing the essence of the backstage experience:

1. Document the Preparations:

Capture the energy and excitement backstage as designers, models, and stylists prepare for the runway. Photograph the makeup artists at work, the hairstylists perfecting the models’ looks, and the final touches being made to the garments. These moments showcase the dedication, talent, and teamwork that go into creating a successful fashion show.

2. Capture Candid Moments:

Look for candid and spontaneous moments backstage that reveal the emotions, interactions, and camaraderie among the fashion industry professionals. These unguarded moments add authenticity and depth to your images, offering a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world of Dubai Fashion Week.

3. Focus on Details:

Pay attention to the details that make the backstage environment unique. Photograph the racks of clothes, the accessories, the shoes, and the overall ambiance. These images help to create a comprehensive visual story, showcasing the intricate elements that contribute to the final runway presentation.

4. Highlight the Personalities:

Interact with the designers, models, and other industry professionals backstage, and capture their personalities and individual styles. These portraits offer a glimpse into the diverse talents and personalities that contribute to Dubai Fashion Week.

5. Embrace the Chaos:

Backstage can be a whirlwind of activity, with multiple things happening simultaneously. Embrace the chaos and capture the moments that showcase the energy, the sense of urgency, and the excitement that fills the air. These images reflect the fast-paced nature of the fashion industry and the dedication of everyone involved.

The Post-Production Process

After Dubai Fashion Week, the post-production process is where your artistic vision truly comes to life. Here are some key steps to enhance your images:

1. Select and Sort:

Review your images and select the best shots that tell a compelling story of Dubai Fashion Week. Organize them into folders based on designers, runway shows, backstage moments, and other relevant categories.

2. Editing and Enhancements:

Apply necessary adjustments to enhance the visual impact of your images. This may include color correction, contrast adjustments, cropping, and retouching to ensure the final images are polished and visually appealing.

3. Tell a Story:

Arrange your selected images in a cohesive and narrative-driven manner. Create a visual story that takes viewers on a journey through Dubai Fashion Week, showcasing the diversity, creativity, and glamour of the event.


Dubai Fashion Week offers a unique and exhilarating experience for fashion photographers in Dubai. By preparing meticulously, mastering runway photography, capturing behind-the-scenes moments, and perfecting the post-production process, you can create a visual narrative that reflects the essence and vibrancy of this prestigious event. As a fashion photographer in Dubai, it is your role to encapsulate the creativity, innovation, and style that define Dubai Fashion Week through your lens. Share your unique perspective, tell captivating stories, and let your images speak volumes about the glamorous world of fashion in Dubai.